Different Types of Boathouses and Their Uses

Boathouses can be built on land or water. Wood, concrete and steel are used for boathouse and boat dock construction. Since cedar is very resistant to water, it is a common wood choice. There are several different styles of boathouses to consider. While some are simple shelters for watercraft, others may include special amenities found in homes.


Often located on land, this type of boathouse is usually large enough to accommodate a boat and its equipment. Since they are small, sheds are typically used for canoes, kayaks and other small boats. There are usually no amenities such as running water or plumbing, but they do offer adequate protection from wind and rain.


These boat shelters are a simple choice. They may be built on the water or on a deck. Basic canopies include support columns and a roof. However, canopies must be customized to provide full enclosure. People who live in areas where weather plays a factor choose to enclose one or more sides, which protects the housed watercraft from the elements. Those searching for deck builders in Virginia will want to find someone who specializes in building a canopy structure that can protect their watercraft in times of severe weather.


Commercial boathouses may have attractions, restaurants or living quarters. Because they house fully-operational businesses, the structures are much larger than typical boathouses. Some companies offer tours, rentals and dinner cruises. Owners should be aware of all local and state codes. Texas boat dock codes may be different than Virginia boat dock codes.


In addition to providing boat storage, this type of structure includes living quarters. There are several different sizes of residential boathouses. They usually include plumbing, electricity and other conveniences. Watercrafts are usually stored in a garage below the residential portion of the structure. While many residential boathouses are located near the water, those located partially on the water must have a special flood-proof platform.

Anyone considering these projects must consult an experienced boat dock builder. There are many issues to address before starting a project. For example, a good shoreline stabilization plan is important for protecting the structure. To choose the best type for you, consider whether you need a basic structure or something more elaborate.

Which boathouse do you think will best suit your needs?

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