Your 2012 Wish List: Should You Choose a Boat or a Jet Ski?

JetSkiSo you've put some money away, and you're finally ready to treat yourself. You've given it serious thought and have narrowed your wish list down to one of two choices: a boat or a jet ski. It's time to put pen to paper and come up with a list of pros and cons for both items.

Assuming you are living on or near the water, common sense dictates you would need somewhere to store either water craft. Before you consult your local boat dock builder, let's give this some thought. Your jet ski will no doubt consume less fuel and less space than a boat. Keeping that in mind, this would certainly have some bearing on your boat dock construction plans.

When considering a boat, take into account fuel costs, insurance and a larger dock space to keep your new toy. When purchasing a jet ski or boat, you may need to contact Texas or Virginia deck builders. A jet ski may only require a small platform, while a boat may need a more complex dock. You will gain experience with boat docks and dock building contractors with a boat purchase, as a larger craft translates into serious engineering in regards to the dock. You may even have to seek the opinion of a specialist to examine possible shoreline stabilization.

Also take your hobbies into consideration before making a purchase. If you love fishing, a boat may be a iStockBoatmore convenient and spacious option than a jet ski. If you have a need for speed or love to swim, a jet ski may suit your interests.

For those with large families, seriously consider a boat. You will have hours of fun and everyone will be involved. If you are only accommodating yourself and someone else, or if your family has no interest in boating, a jet ski may prove to be a more economical choice. No matter what you choose, have fun, be safe and enjoy!

If you already own a boat or jet ski, what suggestions do you have for someone who is having trouble deciding what to buy?

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