Waterfront Construction Welcomes the Spud Barge

SpudBargeWaterfront Construction is excited to announce a new addition to the team that will increase the efficiency of our building process and allow us to move equipment and materials in the water rather than through your lawn: The spud barge is a 20 feet wide by 40 feet long red spud barge.

The spud barge is used to haul equipment and materials through the water as opposed to on land. This means that we are able to avoid dragging our heavy equipment through a yard, but instead can carry them with us in the water.

A spud barge is a kind of marine vessel that is capable of providing a solid, stable work platform in waterfront construction operations. Each spud on the barge consists of a heavy-duty pipe that is driven into the bottom of the river, lake or ocean for increased stability when working with heavy equipment in waterfront construction projects. Spud barges can be used for a variety of purposes in a variety of environments, making it an ideal addition to our fleet.

Before we had the spud barge we had to get our equipment to the shoreline through the property of our clients. Now, we are able to load all our materials and equipment on the spud barge so that your lawn will be safe from our heavy equipment. On top of keeping your lawn safer, these spud barges will allow us to complete projects more efficiently, meaning we can work faster to allow you the opportunity to enjoy your new boat dock or pier sooner.

Whether you need a new boat dock, a pier or shore stabilization, see how the spud barge can help make your dream project become a reality faster!


The First Steps in Cleaning Up After a Hurricane

In the aftermath of a hurricane, it is easy to get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. The most important thing homeowners and business owners can do initially, however, is basic clean up. Taking care of this task sets the stage for the more extensive repairs that will likely be needed, and clean up will make it safe to return to one’s home or business.

DownedTreesDowned trees will likely need to be removed in order to restore full access to a property. In removing trees, it is particularly important to make sure they are not touching power lines. If a tree is touching a power line, it is wise to make sure the utility company moves the line before sawing the tree into pieces and moving it. Waterfront properties in Virginia or Texas may have suffered damage to their docks from fallen trees. After the trees are moved, Waterfront Construction and Design can help repair these structures.

After access to a property is restored through the removal of fallen trees and other debris, it is important to clean the interiors of buildings if they have been soaked with rain. Pull up wet carpet so that mold does not have a chance to grow. Drain standing water in the boathouse to prevent damage to boat dock construction. Virginia residents with docks will want to contact Waterfront Construction & Design so that the company’s engineers can determine what kind of further repairs may be necessary.

It is important to wear gloves, long pants, and closed toed shoes while cleaning up debris. Sharp edges and unseen hazards will be abundant, including splinters and exposed nails from debris. Give us a call should you need any assistance.

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